Nothing breaks the ice better than a cocktail! Helping you enjoy your cocktails at home is something we appreciate at The Hour. We seek to reinvent today’s cocktail hour by bringing back mid-century style for home entertaining but with a decidedly modern-day twist. We specialize in one-of-a-kind, chic vintage barware, glassware and trays from notable designers including Dorothy Thorpe, Georges Briard, Fred Press, Culver and Couroc. New products, including glassware from Schott Zwiesel and Roost, and trays from Rock, Flower, Paper, J. Fleet Designs and Pacific Connections, blend with our vintage treasures and are artfully displayed in our historic building located on King Street in Old Town Alexandria. You will find everything you need at The Hour to create your own stylish bar and enjoy that special time of day, including glassware, shakers, pitchers, jiggers, muddlers and stirrers, napkins and even bar carts. To enhance your cocktail wardrobe, we offer a large collection of new and vintage cocktail jewelry as well as a great selection of vintage-inspired clutch handbags. We are also a great source for hostess and bridal gifts as well as gifts for that special occasion. Visit www.thehourshop.com to browse our merchandise!


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