8th Anniversary Shindig!


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Another year, another adventure!!

So hard to believe it’s been 8 wonderful years here at The Hour!  Earlier this month, we celebrated this milestone with the help of our friends at Hank’s Pasta Bar.  The evening was full of great cocktails and fantastic nibbles with much mirth and merriment! Tammy Taylor was our talented guest bartender for the evening.  She shared with us her extraordinary creativity and wealth of cocktail knowledge behind the bar.  Hank’s Pasta Bar is sure lucky to have her on staff!

2017-07-12 17.44.36 vv

We started the evening off serving our guests a delightfully refreshing summer-themed Pink Parrot Punch.  We used local Green Hat gin mixed with syrups and bitters available at The Hour.

Pink Parrot Punch

1 bottle chilled Green Hat Spring/Summer Gin

1 bottle chilled prosecco

1 bottle chilled seltzer water

1 bottle chilled lemonade

1 bottle Small Hand Foods Raspberry Gum Syrup

1 pint fresh muddled raspberries (strained)

Several dashes of Dashfire Hibiscus Bitters (to taste)

Combine all ingredients in a vintage punch bowl, garnish with raspberry ice mold and frozen lemon slices, and serve!

Hank’s Pasta Bar wowed our guests with an amazing spread of charcuterie, cheese, and assorted bruschetta.  Just thinking about these yummy bites has us yearning to go to Hank’s for some more!

2017-07-12 17.54.11 vv

Our second cocktail experience for the evening was Tammy’s thoughtful creation just for the store.  She concocted our signature cocktail to celebrate our first 8 years: The Hour Sour!  It too contains ingredients available at The Hour.

The Hour Sour

1.5 oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon

1.5 oz Element Pineapple Turmeric Shrub

3 dashes Bitter End Curry Bitters

1 egg white

Curry powder

Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker.  Shake without ice for 15 seconds.  Add ice and shake for an additional 15 seconds.  Strain into a collins or pilsner glass, add ice and a splash of soda water, and dust with curry powder.

The third and final cocktail that our guests enjoyed during the evening was Hank’s own I Might Be Dead.  We highly recommend you order this potent tiki-style cocktail at your next visit to Hank’s Pasta Bar.  It’s from their current seasonal cocktail menu.

I Might Be Dead

1.5 oz Wray & Nephew Rum

1.5 oz pineapple juice

0.5 oz Aperol

3 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters

Brandied cherries

Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker.  Add ice and shake for 15 seconds.  Strain into an ice-filled snifter or rocks glass.  Garnish with cherries.

For those of you who missed out on all the evening’s festivites, see the fun we had below!

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Our first 8 years have been quite an adventure!  To kick off the next 8 years and beyond, we announced our exciting new venture.  Stay tuned for all the details in the months to come…

2017-07-12 20.57.19 vv

Finally, we know that we would not be here without the continued patronage of our loyal customers.  We thank you and are truly grateful for all of your encouragement and support.  Cheers!

Visit us in store or at TheHourShop to browse our curated selection of glassware and barware.  You can also check us out on Pinterest for fun entertaining ideas and more cocktail recipes!



2017 Academy Award Nominations


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I just want to thank everyone I’ve ever met in my entire life. – Kim Basinger

It’s one of our favorite nights of the year… the Academy Awards!  We love to entertain at home and there is nothing finer than throwing an Oscar viewing party for friends and loved ones.  For us, dressing up (or down and refusing to wear high heels), sipping champagne cocktails, munching on fun themed appetizers and playing Oscar Bingo is a highlight we look forward to each year.  And, of course, we binge watch as many of the nominated movies as we can in anticipation of the big night.

For this year’s Oscars, we couldn’t help but continue our tradition of offering you our Best Barware selections for Best Picture.  We hope you have as much fun seeing our selections as we had picking them out for you!

For Best Barware for this year’s Best Pictures, the Nominees are:

Arrival:  For a truly out-of-this-word cocktail experience, we know Amy Adams would appreciate sipping out of these 22k gold wrapped glasses with oval shape designs.


#7641 Set of 8 Culver Pisa Collins Glasses, $320

La La Land: Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling might sing and dance another tune if they enjoyed a cocktail shaken out of this fabulous 1920’s movie-inspired cocktail shaker.


#12489 La La Turn & Pour Glass Cocktail Shaker, $495

Lion:  After his inspiring performance, we think Dev Patel deserves a drink in these sterling silver lion emblazoned old fashioned glasses.


#20065 Set of 6 Georges Briard Lion Double Old Fashioned Glasses, $450

Moonlight: We celebrate the journey of self discovery that this movie showcases with these proud rainbow rocks glasses.


#7927 Set of 6 Georges Briard Rainbow Stripe Rocks Glasses, $250

Fences: We feel Viola Davis would have loved to have served Denzel Washington some lemonade from this Mid-Century pitcher set to go with his gin.


#5602 Rose Fence Pattern Cocktail Pitcher Set (includes 6 Collins Glasses), $150

Hidden Figures: Cheers to the three brilliant and brave minds of the women who helped break down color barriers as well as reach the moon!


#13599 Ceramic Davar Atomic Decanter Set, $1200

Hacksaw Ridge: We raise a toast to Andrew Garfield’s inspiring and bullet-dodging performance in the true story of a brave soldier saving so many lives without firing a single shot.


#19836 Silverplate 3 Jigger “Shot” Set, $550

Manchester By The Sea: We celebrate Casey Affleck’s portrayal of navigating the rough seas of life with this serene sea scene tray.


#17578 Art Deco Reverse Painted Sailboats Tray, $225

Hell or High Water: These boots were made for drinking after Jeff Bridges’ quest for vengeance.


#19131 Pair of English Boot Jiggers, $295

We hope our selections will inspire you to throw a great party at your house this year while watching the Academy Awards Sunday night.  And Cheers to all those Nominated… we look forward to seeing you at the Oscars!

For more great vintage barware, visit us online at TheHourShop, and check us out on Pinterest for fun entertaining ideas!

It’s “GIN-uary”! Meet the Makers: New Columbia Distillers & True Syrups


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Following the holidays, some consumers of alcoholic beverages decide January is the month to refrain from drinking (they call this month “Drynuary”).  Instead, we thought it would be more fun to celebrate this month with our very first “GIN-uary” event.  And it was one to remember!


We love introducing our loyal customers to makers in the spirits industry who, in turn, share their knowledge of their products and provide a variety of tastings for them to appreciate and enjoy.  In our store last week, we had the privilege of hosting two of our favorite local makers:  Tory Pratt of True Syrups & Garnishes and John Uselton of New Columbia Distillers.


With a background in international development, Tory, like many of us, began her second career out of her passion for cooking and her love of cocktails.  Tory began True Syrups in a small DC kitchen in 2014 and, with the growth of her business, now operates out of a food incubator space in Northeast D.C.  The company produces high quality, small batch mixers made from natural ingredients, spices and botanicals.  Tory has been a friend of The Hour since she first started selling her products.  In fact, The Hour sold some of Tory’s very first batch of Tonic syrups in January of 2015!  Since that time, Tory has expanded her product line to include grenadine and, most recently, kola syrup (all are available at The Hour).  For our Gin-uary event, Tory brought samples of all three of her products for use in the cocktail tastings.


John, who has had a long and successful career in the food services industry, entertained and educated our guests on the background of Green Hat Gin, as well as the differences in the variety of gins he produces.  In 2011, John and his partner Michael Lowe decided to reintroduce craft distilling in the District of Columbia since its ban in 1917 due to Prohibition.  They decided to begin distilling gin and would name it Green Hat Gin.  John recanted the story behind the aptly-fitting name:  George Cassiday, a supplier of bootleg liquor on Capitol Hill got caught selling booze in the House Cannon Office building after having done so for 5 years.  Cassidy, who was caught while wearing a green felt hat, decided to move his operation to the Senate side of Congress and continued as a bootlegger for another 5 years until he was caught again.  In 1930, after having bootlegged liquor to most of the lawmakers on the Hill for over a decade, Cassiday wrote a series of articles for the Washington Post exposing the hypocrisy of Congress with regards to Prohibition.  These articles helped inform voters, many of whom helped to elect new officials who, in turn,  repealed Prohibition.


John brought three of his gins for use in our GIN-uary cocktail tastings:  Green Hat Spring Summer Gin (which features juniper, floral cherry blossoms, clover, rosemary and fresh citrus); Green Hat Classic Gin (which features juniper, coriander and hints of citrus,   pepper and celery); and Green Hat Navy Strength Gin (a higher proof gin than classic gin that has its own fittingly-named story:  per John, “back in the day when sailors were given a daily ration of gin or rum, they would occasionally mix their liquor with gun powder and try to ignite it. If the powder-liquor brew ignited, they knew their liquor wasn’t watered down.”).  In addition to these gins, Green Hat makes other seasonal small batch gins as well.  John also sells DC’s first commercially available vermouth, Capitoline Vermouth.  John told us that he is in the process of aging a rye whiskey but that that spirit won’t be available for a couple more years.  All of New Columbia Distillers products are available at their distillery in Northeast DC as well as a variety of liquor stores throughout the District area.

When Tory and John combined their products, the magic happened!  They produced a wonderful assortment of tastings for our GIN-uary evening:


Snowbird (Closer to the Sun) Punch

1 bottle sparkling wine
1 bottle Green Hat Spring / Summer Gin
2 cups fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
2 cups fresh squeezed orange juice
2 cups fresh squeezed lemon juice
3/4 cup demerara oleo saccharum
Combine all in a punch bowl, stir with ice & garnish with citrus slices



Gin & Gunpowder

1.5 oz navy gin
1 oz whole milk
1 oz Kola Syrup
dash orange bitters
2-3 oz club soda
Combine in a collins glass over ice, stir briefly, garnish with nutmeg



Rosemary’s Baby

1.5 to 2 oz gin
1 oz True grenadine
2 oz white grapefruit juice
Shake over ice, strain into a cocktail glass, garnish with a rosemary sprig



Indian Winter

1.5 oz gin
1 oz true tonic
3 oz club soda
Combine over ice in a cocktail glass, stir briefly, garnish with a clove studded blood orange wheel
For those of you who were able to join us for this GIN-uary event, we appreciate your loyalty and hope that you enjoyed our evening as much as we did!
We look forward to hosting our next cocktail tasting event and will keep you informed through our e-mails.  And remember, we always offer a shopping discount during our events… another great reason to come!  If you haven’t already done so, be sure to sign up for our private customer events via our website: TheHourShop.
Cheers to GIN-uary!


12 Days of Christmas 2016 Recap!


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Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!!!


It’s one of our favorite times of the year!  There’s a buzz in the air, a smile on everyone’s face, and a spring in everyone’s step.  And it’s not just because we’ve done our best to entertain you with this year’s 12 Days of Christmas!  There is so much to be thankful for, and we couldn’t be more thankful for all the support you have given us over the years.  We truly enjoy what we do and sell.  And, as you know, we love to share the history of our vintage barware and glassware for all those willing to listen to us drone on about our wonderful cocktail items.  So thanks also for listening to us!

For those of you who missed a day of this year’s 12 Days (or, heaven forbid, missed it all), here’s our holly jolly take on this wonderful Christmas carol:


On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Partridge in a Pear Tree Tray!  Vintage, of course, by Couroc.


On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me two turtle doves designed on vintage Georges Briard rocks glasses so I could have a cocktail tonight!


On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me three french hens getting ready to shake it up this holiday season!


On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me four calling birds calling for drinks in these delicious red vintage coupe glasses!


On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me five golden rings on vintage cocktail stems and a gorgeous decanter that matches as well!


On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me six geese a laying and one flying the coop on this 1930s cocktail shaker set!


On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me seven swans wishing they were a swimming in this yummy vintage punch bowl by Culver!


On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me eight maids a milking who carried home this stunning mid century caddy set to serve cocktails later!


On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me nine ladies dancing as they shaked this cocktail shaker to the holiday beat!


On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me ten lords a leaping over these vintage cocktail picks!


On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me eleven pipers piping to pay the piper for their 11 cocktail glasses today!


On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me twelve drummers drumming on their way to The Hour to see this fabulous etched drum cocktail shaker set!  Better get there before they do!!


We hope that The Hour’s 12 Days of Christmas this year has brought an extra smile to your face.  And we wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

For more great holiday gift giving ideas, visit us online at TheHourShop.


Silver Bells, Silver Bells!


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Soon it will be Christmas Day!!


Are you ready for the big day?  If you’re like us, there are so many last minute things to do, parties to attend and gifts to get.  The week before Christmas is always full of anticipation and fun!  Our Silver Gift Guide this year gives you great last minute gift and entertaining ideas.  From cocktail glasses to punch bowls to barware, there’s something for everyone.


#13284 Glo Hill 2 Tier Butterscotch Bakelite Tray, $350


#15853 Mercury Rings Collins Glasses, $300


#11667 Dorothy Thorpe Sterling Band Punch Bowl Set, $1,900


#18019 Mercury Fade Roly Poly Cocktail Pitcher Set, $425


#13582 Fay Red Bakelite Trap Jigger, $85


#19402 Chrome Art Deco Cocktail Stems, Set of 5, $200


#18271 Animal Stirrup Cups, Set of 6, $900


#14015 Mercury Fade Snifters, Set of 5, $180


#19421 Mercury Fade Cocktail Stems, Set of 6, $210


#9791 Towle Silverplate Punch Bowl Set, $1,80010839

#10839 Towle Sterling Thimble Jigger, $200


We hope our silver collection brings a twinkle to your eye and a sparkle to your day.  And we wish you all a very Happy Holiday season!

For more great Holiday gift giving ideas, visit us online at TheHourShop.



All That Glitters is Gold!


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On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me five golden rings!


Of all of the stanzas of the 12 Days of Christmas, this is probably everyone’s favorite.  And no wonder why.  Who doesn’t like those warm, delicious hues of gold on anything, right?  Well, we decided to give you some of our very favorite gold items for your gift giving this year in our Gold Holiday Gift Guide.

This year’s new and vintage picks include:


#11705 Gold Overlay Cocktail Pitcher Set, $350


#13341 Gold Base Cocktail Pitcher Set, $575


#3477 Gold Swirl Cocktail Pitcher Set, $400


#13649 Aurora Borealis & Gold Clamper Bracelet, $150


#19876 Imperial Glass Gold Shoji Rocks Glasses, Set of 8, $775


#4979 Culver Antiqua Gold Punch Bowl Set, $550


#14956 Culver Canella Gold Collins Glasses, Set of 8, $400


#20153 Gold Tone Julep Strainer, $19.50


#20117 Gold Tone Double Jigger, 1 and 2 oz., $19.50


#16744 Georges Briard Gold Scroll Rocks Glasses, Set of 8, $320


#19882  14k Gold Plated 6 oz. Flask, $55


We think every home bar should include at least one gold item.  And we believe the gift of gold is sure to make a lasting memory.

For more great Holiday gift giving ideas, visit us online at TheHourShop.


I’m Mister Green Christmas, I’m Mister Sun!!


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They call me Heat Miser, whatever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch
I’m too much!


Yikes the cold weather has arrived!  And we can’t help but think of Mister Heat Miser for our Green Christmas Gift Guide.  From decanters to cocktail glasses to shakers & pitchers to bar tools & trays, we think these green items are sure to heat up your holiday festivities. Whether vintage or new, we think our green selection will have you singing the Heat Miser song in your head all day long.  Cheers to Mister Green Christmas!


#17837 Green Glass Musical Lighthouse Decanter, $575


#7329 Green Stripe Art Deco Hand Painted Tumblers, Set of 17, $350


#19848 Fostoria Green Base Crystal Capri Cocktail Glasses, Set of 8, $400


#9574 Green Weighted Mid Century Rocks Glasses, Set of 7, $175


#16892 Green Glass Cobbler Cocktail Shaker, $375


#14757 Carlo Moretti Italian Green Cased & Black Stem Cocktail Set, $725


#19828 Green Cup Twisted Stem Coupe Glasses, Set of 5, $225


#18272 Abercrombie & Fitch English Stag Handle Bar Tools, Set of 9, $1,500 


#13219 Snowy Bird 15″ Square Tray, $100


#11870 Emerald Green Cocktail Pitcher Set, $425


#14914 West German Stag Handle Bar Tools, Set of 3, $250


With the weather outside so frightful, we think our Green Holiday Gift Guide will surely heat up any dismal day!

For more great Holiday gift giving ideas, visit us online at TheHourShop.  Cheers!


How About a Red Christmas?


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Ho, Ho, Ho!!!  Only 10 more days to go!

Still haven’t found that someone special an extraordinary gift this year?  In honor of the big guy, why not think red?  We’ve conjured up some delicious red items for you with this Holiday Gift Guide.  They’re fun, they’re festive and they are sure to heat up your holiday cheer!

Red holiday gifts to surprise and delight include:


#19661 Ruby Red Art Deco Cocktail Shaker Set, $600


#17415 Art Deco Red Dice Bakelite Cocktail Picks & Ladle Set, $550


#5460 Fred Press Mid Century Red & Gold Crown Cocktail Set, $525


#6722 Red Pinched Glass Tumblers, Set of 8, $200


#12713 Ruby Red & Mercury Bullseye Decanter, $700


#19867 Red & White Cased Glass Coupes, Set of 4, $200


#19837 Morgantown Red Cup Cocktail Glasses, Set of 6, $420 


#15469 Red & White Trim Lacquer Serving Tray, $160


#16397 Reed & Barton Red & Green Silverplate Jigger, $175


#18229 Morgantown Ruby Red Cocktail Coupes, Set of 7, $350


#6807 Georges Briard Snowflake Ice Bucket, $125


We hope you’ll heat up your holiday gift giving this year with a little red in mind!

For more great Holiday gift giving ideas, visit us online at TheHourShop.  Cheers!


What Blue Christmas?


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Too bad Elvis didn’t have these dreamy Blue vintage barware and glassware items to pick up his spirits!


Our next Holiday Gift Guide promises to cheer you up!  Worried you’ll have a Blue Christmas this year missing your loved ones?  Well, we think you should embrace the Holiday spirit and celebrate those you love in great “Blue” vintage style.  Shake, serve, toast and sparkle with all things Blue in mind.  It will cheer you up in no time!

This year’s Blue Holiday picks include:


#16365  Cobalt Art Deco Cocktail Shaker Set, $650


#19794 Cobalt Stem Paneled Coupe Glasses, Set of 4, $300


#19814 Cobalt Cup Twisted Stem Coupe Glasses, Set of 6, $315


#19393 Bjorkshult Cobalt Coupe Glasses, Set of 6, $420


#14831 Culver Azure Scroll Cocktail Pitcher Set, $625


#13040 Bohemian Cobalt & Gold Cocktail Pitcher Set, $950


#18543 Culver Celestial Cobalt Rocks Glasses, Set of 5, $225


#11697 Reverse Painted Blue & Gold Doves Art Deco Tray, $250


#19948 Blue & Clear Mid-Century Rhinestone Clasp Bracelet, $170


#19392 Libbey Cobalt Rounded Rocks Glasses, Set of 8, $280


#19283 Hazel Atlas Art Deco Polar Bear Ice Bucket, $175

Make Elvis happy this Holiday season, and have a Blue Christmas!

For more great Holiday gift giving ideas, visit us online at TheHourShop.  Cheers!



Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!!


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I want some Christmas glasses for friends and family to sip from and see!!

This Christmas, why not celebrate the holidays with festive Christmas glassware?  Perfect for hosting cocktail parties or even setting your holiday table, these vintage holiday glasses will liven up your day or night:


#14945 Gay Fad Christmas Tree Cocktail Shaker Set, $475


#18156 Ruby Red Gazelle Collins Glasses, Set of 8, $320


#17743 Green Gazelle Collins Glasses, Set of 8, $320


#4826 Culver Cobalt & Gold Christmas Tree Collins Glasses, Set of 8, $280


#6740 Red & Gold Reindeer Collins Glasses, Set of 8, $200


#5937 Cera Nutcracker Collins Glasses, Set of 6, $150


#6666 Dancing Santa & Elves Tumblers, Set of 8, $160


#17290 Georges Briard Nutcracker Collins Glasses, Set of 6, $240


#19850 Georges Briard Jolly Santa Rocks Glasses, Set of 4, $160


#7715 Good Cheer Santa Collins Glasses, Set of 6, $180

13279_1#13279 Holt Howard Santa Zombie Glasses, Set of 4, $100

However you enjoy this holiday season, we hope it’s full of friends, family and joyful holiday cheer!

For more great holiday gift giving ideas, visit us online at TheHourShop.